Official Opening of the Cologne Game Incubator in 2018. Prof. Dr. Andreas Pinkwart (Minister of Economic Affairs, Innovation, Digitalization and Energy of the State of NRW), Roland Berger (City of Cologne), Katharina Tillmanns (Chairwomen at Freunde des Cologne Game Lab e.V.), the co-directors of CGL Prof. Dr. Gundolf S. Freyermuth and Prof. Björn Bartholdy, Prof. Odile Limpach (CGL, project leader of the CGI) plus the first five teams, that have been granted support by CGI © Costa Belibasakis / CGL, TH Köln

Cologne Game Incubator

The CGI is particularly responsive to the challenges facing creative founders in the field of interactive entertainment and games, and helps students and alumni to implement the practice-oriented training of CGI with team-oriented project work in economic surroundings.

The allocation of team spaces for applicants is made by the Advisory Board. Within 12 months, the accepted teams should develop a promising business plan and marketable ideas, enabling them to found their business and begin applying to additional concept and prototype funding schemes. Throughout the process, the founders receive a variety of advice and support from academic, legal, financial and industry experts alike.

The CGI was established by the Cologne Game Lab and the Förderverein “Friends of the Cologne Game Lab” e.V. and is heavily supported by the KölnBusiness Wirtschaftsförderung (Cologne Business Development Fund) GmbH.

There are two different types of scholarships:

“Young Starters” – for teams that have already founded, secured their funding and consist of CGL-students or alumni.

“New Talents” – teams that haven’t yet created a business and consist of CGL-students or alumni. Both groups receive mentoring by the Advisory Board and external industry experts. Additionally, “New Talents” are supported by the founding service of the TH Köln in the development of a business plan and the application for an EXIST founder scholarship.