At the moment, there are 7 teams working in the Cologne Game Incubator:
Achtung Autobahn
is a 3rd-person stealth-action-adventure for PC, developed in Unreal Engine 4. Players take on the role of the young and impressionable Tina in a fictional snapshot of West Berlin in 1968, as state violence leads to radicalization within the student protest movement. During the game, players explore a district of the city, a so-called Kiez, in the 60s, interacting with characters and taking on missions while avoiding the suspicion of state authorities keeping a close eye on the student movement. To succeed, players must plan ahead and manage their resources before acting. They decide how Tina navigates – with discretion or bombast – and ultimately affect her involvement with a group of protesters that are growing more violent by the day. Thanks to Tina’s instant camera and journal, player can record their journey with key photographs and scribbled thoughts. The game tells a story about how violence begets violence during a time period in German history that has not been covered by other games so far.
Cyber Manatee
In Pizzabot you control a small robot that tries to get to its destination.  This logic/casual game has many players thanks to its simple art style and good ease of entry.
Death by Broccoli
Death by Broccoli, a small game studio based in Cologne, Germany. We were founded in Winter 2019 and love to work together to create unique experiences for players that feel satisfying and fun. Right now we’re working on our first game, Out of the Mist, a ball-rolling game where you have to control the environment to navigate through challenging courses. Out of the Mist focuses on exploration and transports the player to the time after a great catastrophe that left the world in ruins. Navigate among ancient ruins, toppled cities and otherworldly artifacts to clean up the mess.
Fantastic Foe
The Fantastic Foe-team is developing a 3D adventure game called Seoul Song, which thematically deals with the social pressure of a modern society and the high suicide rate of young people in South Korea. The young student Sol has to learn to break out of the dark, scary world and to free herself from the everyday pressure and bizarre structures in order to free herself from her own negative to free thoughts, but above all to face the world with courage and self-confidence. Seoul Song is being developed as part of a transmedial project alongside a feature film and essayistic documentary.
Plants and fungi reflect the well-being of our ecosystem. Even small environmental changes have large impacts on the entire system. With PhoGrow, these changes can be visualized and experienced in advance. For the first time, we make the growth of plants and fungi tangible on the web. Interactively, from all perspectives, and on any end device, years of growth processes can be experienced in just a few seconds. The application areas of PhoGrow are versatile and range from educational institutions to research institutes to the entertainment industry and agriculture. For more information, feel free to visit us on our social media channels at @PhoGrow3D.
Spoonful games
“You see, in every job that must be done, there is an element of fun.”
Spoonful creates wholesome games with kindness and respect. In their RPG-themed life sim adventure Magic Pawnshop, small deeds go a long way and investing in personal relationships is worth more than the never-ending hoarding of wealth. Her days of adventure and heroism long behind her, the shopkeeper now lives a simple life, offering her time and equipment to everyone regardless of financial means. From the safety of her store, she meets and connects to many strange and amiable characters, builds up a family of explorers looking out for one another, and finally finds the courage to reconnect with her estranged son. AI content generation and day one community involvement ensure a complex and carefully designed narrative world. Made with love and, of course, in a most delightful way.