Achtung Autobahn Studios is an indie company based in Cologne, Germany making historical social-realistic games that are fun first for players who love to engage with culture in a playful way. Hailing from five different countries, our team of talented developers is hard at work on our debut title, a historical stealth action-adventure game set in 1968 West Berlin.

About “Berlin Maniacs”

Imagine you’re a young woman visiting a protest in 1968 West Berlin. Things escalate badly and your friend Jonas dies by the hand of a violent policeman. You manage to escape by jumping into a cab driven by a faceless man, who drops you off at the start of that same day.
What do you do?

Berlin Maniacs is a top-down 3D story-driven action-adventure, where players take on the role of Tina who is stuck in a time loop and she is trying to break free by manipulating the recurring events to save her friend Jonas’ life.