CYBER MANATEE – Emotionally Engaging Games from Cologne

An independent game studio based in Cologne focused on creating intense and emotionally engaging video games that leave a lasting impression on players!

Floating through space as early as the summer of 2019, Cyber Manatee was officially established in 2021 when a couple of game-loving professionals decided to pursue their dreams together.

“Hinterland” (Working Title) is a nerve-wracking first-person mystery-thriller set in the 1980s in which players take on the role of two protagonists following their own leads to uncover a personal truth in the franco-german woodland. A thrilling experience full of twists, turns, and unease awaits as players are challenged by strange creatures, odd residents, and otherworldly phenomena.

Hinterland (WT) is currently in development in Unreal Engine 5 and has no confirmed release date.

Targeted Platforms: Desktop / Consoles