Incubator Alumni

As one of the first teams who prevailed with their project in the first round of applications for the Cologne Game Incubator, the already-founded Studio Ludopium was working on the final version of their rhythmic puzzle platformer “Isometric Epilepsy”, later renamed Vectronom, when they joined the Cologne Game Incubator. In this game, the level structure and backdrop visuals shift according to the rhythm of the game music. The colourful graphics in coordination with the driving music and the high tempo challenge the player’s reflexes and spatial perception. In 2018, the team was awarded second place in the category “Best Young Talent Concept” at the German Computer Game Awards for this project. Additionally, Ludopium was awarded “Best Game” at the Indie Arena Booth 2018 and the “Best in Play” award at GDC 2019.
SLOW BROS. is a small indie studio based in Cologne, Germany, dedicated to thoughtfully bridging analogue and digital worlds in the form of interactive experiences. It was founded in 2015 by long time friends Onat Hekimoglu, Ole Tillmann, Fabian Preuschoff and Daniel Beckmann. The studio member’s diverse backgrounds including video game production, filmmaking, carpentry, apparel, and illustration give them a unique skill set with various applications, from games, to VR-experiences and even art installations. During their time in the Incubator, the studio conceived of their first full-length video game Harold Halibut, a stop-motion adventure game made entirely out of craft materials like wood, clay and metal.