In February 2024, the Horizon Europe funded project STRATEGIES (Sustainable Transition for Europe’s Game Industries) will start its research, with CGL on board as a partner.

Over the course of four years the project will support Europe’s game industries in realising their potential as drivers of sustainable innovation, contributing to achieving the goals of the European Green Deal and delivering an economy that works for people. A consortium of fifteen partners from nine different countries will manage the project in a total of eight work packages, with CGL’s Prof. Dr. Sonia Fizek taking the lead for the second package. Under the title ‘Sustainable work – people and planet‘ Sonia Fizek will investigate game development work cultures with a specific focus on the environmental sustainability of Europe’s game industries. The work package will generate data that will enhance understanding of the environmental impact of game development.

All about the project, the partners and the work plan can be found on the CGL research project page or directly on the STRATEGIES project website.