The “Project Zukunftsmuseum” is going to be a Virtual Reality Experience for Deutsches Museum, Nuremberg. The interdisciplinary project team explores the creative affordances of virtual reality with the goal of creating an interactive visual-haptic museum installation, which can be experienced by several visitors simultaneously.

In cooperation with the “Deutsches Museum”, an interactive virtual reality version of the future is being created here on an area of approx. 65 square meters. Playable for up to 4 people, a future will unfold which will take place in 2050 Nuremberg. Exhibits from the museum will be shown within their context and can be experienced playfully. House robots, delivery drones, body-augmentation and many other currently still futuristic sounding technologies will be reflected. With an interdisciplinary team, the Cologne Game Lab will create an experience that has never been experienced in a museum before.

The exhibit will subsequently serve as a research area. In particular, Embodiment, Presence and Shared-Space Cooperation in the Mixed Realities will be researched there.