Icabu is a mixed reality experience in VR played with real drums as controllers. With the help of these drums, the players are supposed to rhythmically bring the threatened ecosystems of this world back into balance.

The team “Diving into Unknown” – consisting of Jasmina Sadikovic, Savish Uttam and Daniela Frank – developed a playable tech atmosphere prototype in the 3rd semester. Doing so required the team to master the production pipeline for a VR game and to build drum controllers using an Arduino board connected to Unity engine.


3rd semester | Individual Project | WT 2020/21
VR Mixed Reality Experience


Jasmina Sadikovic Narrativ Design, 2D, Sound Design

Savish Uttam 3D Modeling, Texturing, Level Design [-> Artstation Profile]

Daniela Frank Project Lead, Programming, Crafting [-> Artstation Profile]

Software and Hardware

Modeling/ Texturing: Blender

2D: Photoshop

Engine: Unity

VR-Hardware: HTC Vive

Programing: Visual Studio, Arduino

Crafting Drums: Worbla, tambourine, Arduino Uno Rev3 SMD board