Bringing a virtual character to life is a complex task due to its creative and technical implications. Above all the character has to be emotionally believable. But how to achieve that?

The students of the second cohort of the MA 3D Animation for Film & Games had to find their individual answers to this question. As a result, characters such as the lovely Lio, a mushroom that has set its mind on learning to fly, were created. Or Herman, who learns ballet in order to win over his beloved. Or Zeno, a cyborg of fish and machine, who wants to take revenge on the scientist who created him. And let’s not forget Greg Hunter aka The Nightmare, a serial killer with deer antlers (by Jay Girardi).

Artists & projects:

Daniela Frank: Lio, the Flying Mushroom

More information on Daniela Frank can be found on her ArtStation account.

Jasmin Khaire: Herman, the Dancing Pirate

Savish Uttam: Zeno

More information on Savish Uttam can be found on his ArtStation account.

Jay Girardi: Greg Hunter aka The Nightmare