Collaborative Project

Pandemic lockdowns are scary! You are Yael, a 5 year old, very active child. Experience first hand how your parents, Helen and Mei, handle the situation and explain what is currently happening. Use the power of imagination to keep you entertained and to save the world from the evil cough monsters.


Pandemic lockdowns are scary, and especially hard to understand if you are a child.Experience first hand how your parents explain what is currently happening and use the power of imagination to keep you entertained

Platform: PC, Consoles

Genre: interactive experience – minigame collection


Ilayda Ardic (Narrative Design / Sound Design)

Nils Müller-Cleven (Project Lead & Management / Level Design3D Animation

Maria Eom (2D ArtConcept / Art)

Sophie Stübinger (3D Character Art / 3D Environment Art / VFX

Ta Yu (aka David) (Technical Lead / Programming)