Collaborative Project

Two players fight in the name of powerful companies over the dominance in the sports arena of the future. With timing, wit and a little bit of luck, both participants use trading cards to develop their units, leading to an action paced battle influencing the whole arena. Not just strategy, but also the point of view lies in the hand of the player. With augmented reality you can experience the battles and victories in the virtual world up close. Glory and honor are due to the one, that stands tall as the last survivor.


Fast, action packed and diverse – Warena

Platform: Mobile & Board Game

Genre: Strategy, Turn-based, Card Game, Mobile


Pierre Schlömp | Seren Besorak | Dmitry Borovikov | Florian Erhard | Tatjana Engels | Felix Schade | Johannes Weber | Alejandro Borreguero | Daniel Marques