Join us for another Guest Lecture!

On May 9 musician, performer and multimedia-artist Max Schweder will talk about “Interactive Environments/ Accessible Digital Art for Stages”.

Max Schweder is a creative coder and digital artist who works for the Koproduktionslabor Dortmund and as a freelancer internationally. He is a member of the inclusive Un-Label Performing Arts Company, where he creates accessible stage projects and gives workshops in accessibility and inclusion. He also releases electronic music as a solo artist under the pseudonym Strange Attractor and with the duo CYLVESTER, where he also creates projects like the mobile interactive urban art lab ALL YOUR BASE ( Schweder is a fellowship alumnus of the Academy for Theater and Digital Dortmund, the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp and the Academy of Media Arts Cologne. He studied music production at the Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln and jazz saxophone at the ArtEZ Conservatorium in Arnhem.

Interactive Environments | Accessible Digital Art for Stages

Creating interactive art for stages, performances, and installations I always come back to the same questions during production.

How can I introduce the visitors to the functions of a piece?
How can I tell a story within a piece?
How important is real-time interaction for the visitors?

These questions can often be answered by looking at how great games do it.
I would like to introduce you to my path into interactive arts on stages and discuss how we can make what we do more accessible to anybody out there.


Upcoming Guest Lectures

May 09 | 5.30 pm
Max Schweder (Strange Attractor)
“Interactive Environments/ Accessible Digital Art for stages”
CGL | 2nd floor | Aquarium

May 23 | 5.30 pm
Pablo &  Rodrigo Olmos (Anima Res)
“Medical Education with VR/AR/MR”
CGL | 2nd floor | Aquarium

June 6 | 5.30 pm
Jan Stasienko (University of Lower Silesia, Poland)
“Applied games / Case Study: Medicine”
CGL | 2nd floor | Aquarium