In an exciting venture into VR development, Rebecca Barona, Gamze Sunar, Mahdieh Tabatabaei, Tanya Fuks and Veda Sai Megana from the MA 3D Animation for Film & Games program have reimagined the iconic Whack-a-Mole game. This innovative 3D VR version boasts mischievously animated moles, brought to life through Motion Capture technology, providing a lively and authentic gaming experience. Their playful taunts and challenges add a new layer of engagement to the game. This immersive experience is all powered by the advanced capabilities of the Unity game engine, showcasing the students’ creativity and technical skills.

Whack a Mole

2st semester | Collaborative Project | ST 2023
VR Development

Rebecca Barona
Gamze Sunar
Mahdieh Tabatabaei
Tanya Fuks
Veda Sai Megana