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Study At CGL

The Cologne Game Lab's international research focus spans from art and technology to the theory of digital games in order to provide opportunities for interdisciplinary exchange and dialogue. Our conferences have brought together a diverse selection of experts from academia, science and research, economics, politics, and the game industry for talks and discourse.

Here you can find an excerpt of the press coverageabout CGL as also recent Press Releases by CGL / TH Köln. Check out all the pictures of our workshops, guest lectures, conferences etc and get to know about latest publications of CGL professors and researchers.

The Cologne Game Lab has a rich and varied tradition in publishing. Its printed, multimedia and digital publications have high standards in terms of content, design and communication. The publications cover all areas of teaching, research and further education in digital games.

At Cologne Game Lab the understanding of research includes classic theoretical and applied studies (R&D) as well as scientific publications and public events. Our expertise includes the following fields: Education & Training, Game & Media Studies, Health & Psychology, New Technology & Mixed Realities, Art & Design and Transmedia Storytelling.

The second half of each semester serves the acquisition of practical media experience in interdisciplinary Collaborative Projects in cooperation with the students of the other specialisations, whereby the projects become more complex and demanding over time. These projects are presented in the end of every semester at the student showcase and exhibition.