Student Council

In 2018 the first CGL-Fachschaft was created, a council to represent the students of our institute. As members of the
“Fachschaftsrat”, they get money from the university to organize orientation weeks for fresh(wo)men, hand out printed lecture notes for difficult examinations, organize parties, facilitate elections, and more. They also represent CGL students at the examination board, the department board, and the faculty board.

Additionally, student members of the Fachschaft will soon have a meeting room on CGL grounds and are exempted from other workgroup-duties! If you have any questions and suggestions or want to become a Fachschaft member
yourself, please contact

The current members of the student council are:
Anton Sagel – Chair of the Student Council
Jacqueline Kik – Vice Chair of the Student Council, FSVK Delegate
Isabel Grünberg – Treasurer, Deputy FSVK Delegate
Alex Nieradzik – Deputy Treasurer