Papair (2015)

Intermediate Project

Papair is telling the story of an old pilot who strived to be the first to uncover the mystery of the floating islands. But after losing control over his airplane, he stranded on of them. Since then he is trying to escape. Join him on a day when his life finally takes a turn and explore a beautiful paper island in the sky.

Platform  PC and MAC  

Genre  Adventure / Exploration Game  

Tagline  Papair is a third-person exploration game, set in a magical 3D paper world.  

Team  Raquel Rossetti: 2D & 3D Art, Game Design; Carmen Schneidereit: 2D & 3D Art, Game Design; Neysha Castritius: 2D & 3D Art, Animation, Game Design; Conrad Hess: Project Management, Game Design; Utz Stauder: Music, Programming, Game Design