What About Fish?

Our planet Earth is made up of water for more than 70%. It is home to a vast range of extraordinary marine animals, most of which are still unknown to us. If Earth is a spaceship orbiting the solar system, sea animals are the protective crew of this spaceship. Protecting marine life means protecting the Earth and, consequently ourselves. However, many marine animals are now close to extinction because of human activities, the most significant of which is industrial fishing. Therefore, we must be ever more careful about how we treat the oceans. This game is a small attempt to bring awareness to this enormous issue in the most abstract way possible.

We hear about a large variety of issues when it comes to the climate crisis and protecting the environment, but what about fish?

Platform: PC

Genre: 2D, Fish Simulator, Experimental, Atmospheric

Anton Sinner (Project Lead & Game Design)
Ehsan Tabesh (Vice Project Lead & Game Design)
Philip Nees (Programming) Devashis Roy (Programming)
Mahmoud Sewilam (Art) Maja Milas (Music)

Gameplay Trailer