CGL Student Trey Ramm has been awarded the prestigious Amaze Explorer Award for his Project “Lost on Mars”: Six months after all contact with the Atlas III Mars Exploration mission was lost, the Soter Exploration Rover lands in the mission area. What happened to the previous mission, and why did they cut off contact?

The A MAZE. Explorer Award is a prize that recognizes innovative and experimental games and playful media projects. The award celebrates the exploration of new forms of expression, interaction, and gameplay that challenge the boundaries of the medium.

“When we release our minds from the chains of reality, we unleash the infinite potential of our dreams to paint the world with colors unseen.This is an invitation for true explorers who aim to dive into the unknown, uncovering hidden secrets in a world left behind. At the intersection of logic and imagination, Lost On Mars takes you on a journey through deserted landscapes in search of answers. Experience this game and discover how ordinary buttons and documents transform into an immersive narrative.”

– Laudation by Faezeh Khomeyrani

The A MAZE. Games and Playful Media Festival celebrates creativity and innovation in games and playful media. The event showcases the latest trends and developments in independent and experimental games, interactive art, virtual reality, and digital culture. The festival also features workshops, talks, exhibitions, performances, and awards ceremonies.