We are very pleased to announce that our “Welten der Werkstoffe”-team was awarded with the German Computer Game Award! Flavia Vincens presented the trophy endowed with 35,000 euros in the category “Best Serious Game”. Congratulations!

The Institute for Materials Application at TH Köln, together with the Cologne Game Lab, has developed the serious game “Welten der Werkstoffe” (Worlds of Materials) that helps students test their level of knowledge in a playful way.

In the game, student Nicole Nickel seeks out her professor after failing an exam. She finds him trapped in his office, where he has been locked in a cabinet by a doppelganger – a malicious version of the professor. To open the lock, she needs a certain alloy of different metals. In search of the right composition, Nicole has to follow the perpetrator’s trails through parallel universes, passing through ten levels. She’ll only be able to complete them with the help of her skills, the laboratory equipment and the objects she finds in the game.

Another winning game is “Suzerain”, that was awarded as “Best Expert Game”. Game Pro’s Rae Grimm presented the prize endowed with another 35.000 euros to the team of Torpor Games. The narration of “Souzerain” actually started off as the topic of the BA-thesis of Ilke Karademir, titled: “Playing Politics: A Game Demo and Theoretical Analysis of Politics in Political Games”.