Call for Papers: Playful Materialities

As a follow up to the Game Studies Summit at Clash of Realities Conference 2020, we are editing a volume about Playful Materialities! The anthology intends to embrace a broader
scope on meanings, methodologies, its limits, and its many opportunities. The volume will be published by transcript in summer 2022.

You can hand in your abstracts now!

See full CfP here: Call for Papers Playful Materialities [pdf]

If playful materialities can be conceived as an unorthodox approach for embracing ideas, a way to
experiment with sensual experiences, and as a method to engage with the imagination; if things
can tell us stories and artifacts can become catalysts for actions, then playful materialities clearly
deserve our scholarly attention. The edited volume “Playful Materialities” aims to reflect both on recent developments in this field as well as historical case studies.