Immersive Gaming x Cultural Heritage Summit @ Clash of Realities 2021
Submission Deadline: September 15

In recent years, cultural institutions across all sectors have been working on integrated concepts to drive the digital transformation of their educational outreach. In the process, digital game-based learning has established itself as a successful and sustainable technique that particularly engages younger target groups. With the rise of immersive technologies such as virtual reality goggles and also AR-ready smartphones, hopes are high to engage visitors on a new level. 

Will the technological possibility to project spatial and explorable virtual worlds into our physical reality bring cultural heritage (back) to life, thus offering visitors participatory experiences they can truly relate with? How can we fully exploit the unique affordances of the interactive immersive medium while at the same time taking into account the specific context and circumstances of cultural institutions? To address these and related questions from different perspectives, we invite media researchers of all qualification levels as well as practitioners from cultural institutions to share their insights and become part of the Immersive Gaming X Cultural Heritage Online Summit during the Clash of Realities Conference on November 17, 2021.

Aiming to foster an interdisciplinary exchange, we encourage submissions from a multitude of domains such as didactics, impact studies, design research, history, or economics …
The summit will feature an array of best cases to discuss chances and challenges for institutions, audiences, and game developers. Each session will be 15 minutes with the presenters additionally participating in a subsequent topical discussion panel. All presenters are invited to become part of the thematic conference proceedings that will be published in summer 2022. Applicants should submit abstracts of their presentation (no longer than 250 words) along with a bibliography/ludography by September 15 to

All submissions will be assessed by a peer-review committee.

Applicants will be notified until October 6.

Immersive Gaming x Cultural Heritage Summit
Summit Coordinators: Katharina Tillmanns, Sara Oslislo
A joint summit hosted by the Cologne Game Lab and the Stiftung Preussische Schlösser und Gärten Berlin-Brandenburg
The Immersive Gaming X Cultural Heritage Online Summit on November 17, 2021 will feature an array of best cases to discuss chances and challenges for institutions, audiences and game developers.