How will new technologies change our work and our daily lives? What are the challenges for a future oriented use of resources? These and other questions will be addressed at FUTUR 21 Game Jam!

FUTUR 21 is a cooperative project of the Regional Associations Rheinland (LVR), Westfalen-Lippe (LWL) and Cologne Game Lab on occasion of the 75. anniversary of North Rhine-Westphalia. FUTUR 21 will create interdisciplinary laboratories of the future, where industrial culture, cutting edge technology and research, and visual arts will merge. The results will be showcased next year in March.

The team of FUTUR 21 and the Cologne Game Lab invited interested students to develop first prototypes for a mixed reality game especially focusing on the future of energy on the weekend of 28 – 30 May 2021. The best idea will be commissioned for production and presented at Hendrichs Drop Forge in Solingen, in time for the festival in March 2022.

Besides this, exciting prizes await the most innovative and convincing teams:
1st Place: 500€ + funded commission
2nd Place: 250€


  • 72h Game Jam with great prizes for the best ideas
  • 50 € food and drink voucher for each participant
  • Surprise package for each participant (EU shipping only)
  • Virtual get-together and kick-off before the Game Jam
  • Virtual tour through the museum with the team of FUTUR 21, artistic director Clemens Walter and curator Patrick Blümel, and impulse lectures from experts
  • Participation in an interdisciplinary conference in November 2021
  • Presentation of the game to a broad potential audience at a gaming conference at the Hendrichs drop forge
  • The best idea will be funded and produced by FUTUR 21!