On Thursday evening, December 7, 2023, the German Developer Award (Deutscher Entwicklungspreis) was presented in Cologne. Every year, the prestigious award honors outstanding games and the creative minds behind them. It is the oldest award for computer games from German-speaking countries and was presented for the 20th time this year. We are thrilled that two awards recognized the outstanding work of former CGL students.

The Ubisoft Newcomer Award went to the Cologne-based studio neoludic Games for their game Tiny Bookshop. With their Indie game studio, CGL-alumni Raven Rusch, David Wildemann, and Maurice Andreas as well as team member Charlotte Zapfe aim at exploring games in all their diversity, tinkering with new possibilities, and constantly rethinking and improving the way they develop games.

The NRW-Förderpreis für junge Entwicklerinnen (en: NRW Prize for Young Female Developers), sponsored by the Film- und Medienstiftung NRW, went to Leonie Wolf. In addition to her skills as a 3D animator, Leonie is constantly involved in numerous initiatives to strengthen the position of women and marginalized groups in the games industry.

Find all award winners from 2023 here: https://deutscherentwicklerpreis.de/das-sind-die-besten-games-des-jahres-2023/