CGL recently entered into a cooperation with IGDA Climate SIG. For the next month and a half our BA4 students will experiment with making games on the issues related to climate crisis. We’re looking forward to the final presentations and play sessions at CGL in mid July. This project is also a pilot teaching format within the framework of CGL’s Greening Games project:

Within the framework of the “Greening Games” project, we develop, test and distribute flagship didactic materials addressing the interdisciplinary nature of green digital gaming. These will be tested in selected higher education programs and finally shared as open access content for the broader academic and teaching community. It is our core strategic responsibility to educate students about the relations between digital games and environment. We believe that the more aware students of today will become greener game designers, programmers, and academic leaders of tomorrow. At the centre of our partnership’s didactic philosophy are human responsibility, ethical game design and sustainable gaming culture.