The ISEDA project (Innovative Solutions to Eliminate Domestic Abuse), coordinated by the Cologne Game Lab at the TH Köln – University of Applied Sciences, unites 15 partners from nine European countries to combat domestic violence (DV) through a comprehensive, enriched European approach. The project focuses on various strategies including training, awareness campaigns, education programs, and innovative alternatives to imprisonment. A central feature of this initiative is the development of a serious game that simulates interview scenarios to train police officers and social workers on conducting interviews with victims of domestic violence. This game emphasizes understanding body language, standardized interview procedures, and enhancing the assessment of DV situations.

To realize this important part of the project, the Cologne Game Lab is currently hiring for three key positions:

Game Designer,

Game Programmer,

and Game Artist.

These roles will work collaboratively to create the interview simulator, a critical training tool for authorities to improve their approach to domestic violence cases. The team’s combined expertise will ensure the simulator’s authenticity and effectiveness, contributing to ISEDA’s broader mission to provide groundbreaking solutions against domestic violence across Europe.