3D animation meets contemporary concert culture: In his Master’s project, student Sven Rexrodt and singer-songwriter Sophia Rexrodt Meleiro embarked on a research trip into the terrain of virtual stage characters. During the process, the design, the model, and the animation of Sophia’s virtual alter ego were created. But of course, the avatar also needed a functioning holographic stage onto which it could be projected with the help of the Pepper Ghost Trick. An ephemeral and resonating presence.

Team: Sven Rexrodt and Sophia Rexrodt

Software used:

Sculpting/Modeling: ZBrush, Maya

Cloth-Simulation: Houdini (Vellum)

Texture Painting: Substance Painter

Rigging: Maya, Ng Skintools

Motion Capturing: XSens Animate, Motion Builder

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