Discover the breathtaking revival of The Great Coral Reef in Australia, as a miraculous cure brings marine ecosystems back to life. But when a turtle uncovers a shocking secret, the thriving corals’ true fate is exposed.

Episode one from a future series of short films meant for Social Media platforms. Delving into pressing environmental problems and active environmental change.

All the Things that won’t happen
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A Coral Story

4th semester Master’s Thesis | Collaborative | ST 2023
Sustainability Short Film

Cem Karayakas Animation, Rigging, Pipeline, Rendering (-> LinkedIn | Instagram)
Mariana Silva Script, Creative Direction, Modeling, Texturing, Setdressing (-> LinkedIn | Instagram | Portfolio)
Maria Paula Nieto Script, Character Design, Modeling, Texturing (-> LinkedIn | Instagram)

Vertical layout intended social media platforms such as for Tiktok and Instagram reels.