The Iranian myth of the “Bakthak” will be right down your alley if you enjoy an increased heart rate and have no trouble sleeping at night. A team of students consisting of Kendys Ortega, Narina Allakhverdian, Nicole Mynarek and Sina Rezaeinejad resurrects this ancient tale through the medium of 3D animation. Utilizing the cutting-edge capabilities of Unreal Engine’s MetaHumans and Motion Capture, they recount this story, offering a chillingly realistic encounter with the legendary creature.


3rd semester | Individual Project | WT 2023/24
3D Animation with Motion Capture

Kendys Ortega (>LinkedIn | >ArtStation)
Narina Allakhverdian
Nicole Mynarek (>LinkedIn | >ArtStation)
Sina Rezaeinejad (>LinkedIn | ArtStation)

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