Have you ever dreamed of befriending a bumblebee dragon? Then you need to play “Bloom: A Journey Through Seasons,” a 3D platformer game that invites you on a journey of discovery and collaboration. Join Nym, the elf, and Buzz, the bumblebee dragon, to gather pollen in a world that resembles a pinkish fairy tale forest. This prototype, crafted in Unreal Engine 5 by Lauren Westcott, Mandana Massumi, Lena Haindl, and Laura Gomez Sandow, introduces yet another playful element—collectibles in the form of the team members themselves! Embark on this quest to find them all!

Bloom – A Journey Through Seasons

3rd semester | Individual Project | WT 2023/24
3D Platformer Game

Lauren Westcott
Mandana Massumi
Lena Haindl
Laura Gomez Sandow [>Website]

Game Trailer: