A family of fantasy creatures lived peacefully inside a giant tree. Suddenly, they were torn apart by the death of an old owl, who brought all of them together in the first place. Overwhelmed by their sorrow, they ran away into the unknown. Only Eon stayed behind and swallowed his own sorrow to reunite the missing family members and return them home safely.

In “A Bond Unseen”, you control one fantasy creature at a time. Each creature is equipped with two unique abilities to overcome certain obstacles. Switch between the found creatures to combine their strengths and find your missing siblings. Each level consists of a unique visual theme and environmental obstacles. Only by having the creatures work together, you will be able to master every obstacle and reunite the once happy family!

“A Bond Unseen” is an atmospheric platform game about reuniting a family of fantasy creatures torn apart. Find your lost siblings and combine their unique abilities to overcome any obstacle!

Kaya Golder – 3D Art / Animation
Patrick Handwerk – Programming / Sound Design
Lars Kalthoff – Project Lead / Game Design / Programming
Mohammed Najeeb Mshaweh – Programming / Environmental Art
Pauline Müller – Concept Art / 2D Art