A Breathtaking Flight

Collaborative Project

Stalin is dead, Khrushchev is gone. What happened on one of the last flights to Moscow in 1965? Slip into the role of Elizaveta Syomina and test your investigative skills and solve a meticulously crafted mystery. Explore a 3D replication of the Tupolev TU-114, a Soviet passenger plane full of historical artifacts and characters, just waiting to be discovered. Gather clues, talk with the passengers and use the logic system to uncover the hidden truth. Can you find out what really happened on this breathtaking flight?

Platform  PC/Mac  

Genre  First-person Detective-Adventure  

Tagline  A Breathtaking Flight is a first-person Detective-Adventure game set on a plane in the Soviet Union in 1965  

Team  Álvaro Quinteros, Jan Maslov, Giovanni Tagliamonte, Eduard Gotwig, Tim Gleibs