A month of Sundays

Collaborative Project

Join in and control Louse Rath, a young, workaholic and unlucky technophobe of a man with a middle-aged temperament who fell into a situation of isolation during the pandemic in a flatlet in Cologne.


In a month of Sundays is a third-person point and click adventure game with arcade elements about survival in isolation, taking place during the outbreak of the Coronavirus in Germany (early mid-March2020) in a small apartment in Cologne.

Platform: PC/Windows

Genre: Point & click adventure with arcade / puzzle elements


Liubov ‘Lova’ Belykh(3DArtist/TeamLeader)

CarolinVogel (2DArtist)

Thaleia Vaia Tagaraki(Programmer)

Eric Rudolf Daniels (Programmer)

Xi Cao (Designer)