aaAdventure is an arcade game collection that features 4 little games, which focus on your microphone as the only input control! All you need is a working microphone and your beautiful voice. There is not much to say, just jump right in and start experimenting with your voice, different instruments or simply scream at your screen! Since it is not only incredibly fun to play, but also incredibly fun to watch people play, you might also want to stream or record your performance! However, players might experience latency while playing due to technical issues with different sound equipment. In that case it might help to close other programs running simultaneously on your PC. Also, we noticed that players using less powerful PCs and less qualitative sound equipment experience less latency.

An arcade game collection that uses sound control as its core gameplay.

Maurice Andreas
Alex Nieradzik
Clarissa Wegner
Franziska Blank

Gameplay Trailer

Link to Prototype: