Airtime VR

Collaborative Project

The Airtime VR Paragliding Simulator aims at supporting aspiring pilots in their practical learning of common flight routines such as landing maneuvers. As a complementary tool to their regular outdoor practice, the simulator will playfully provide users with advanced topographical as well as aerial knowledge of the client´s main schooling arenas.
The 2017 simulator will consist of a specific hardware setup which will run the VR software as an easy-to-use plug and play application. Orientation, navigation and the pilot´s sense of balance throughout the maneuvers will be entirely driven by the optical illusion and the artificial horizon of the VR environment.


A virtual reality simulator that recreates the experiences of paragliding and might be used for educational purposes in the flying school Papillon. 

Production Year:  2017

Platform: PC

Genre: Simulation

Programers: Tim Scheller, Utz Stauder
Artist: Raquel Rosseti, Jovan Matoski and Neysha Castritius
Designers: Remus Constantin and Till Gilsbach.