BeatBounce (2013)

Joint project with ZHDK

BeatBounce is a multiplayer arcade game in the style of Super Monkey Ball (multiplayer arena mode) where you need to bounce your enemies off of an ever changing platform. The fun part is that you move synced to the beat or melody of the music. It’s easy to pick up and play at a party, and fun to look at because of the beat-responsive visuals. Our main goal was to make ‘feeling’ the music a game mechanic. The better you feel the music (rhythm), the better you can play!

Platform  PC/Mac, Interactive Installation, VJ performance tool  

Genre  Local Multiplayer Rhythm Game  

Tagline  4-Player Local Multiplayer Music Moshing Mayhem: The better you feel the rhythm, the better you beat your friends at BeatBounce!  

Team  Jack Hoefnagel (M.A. program 2011-13), Samuel Vonäsch (ZHDK student) – all equal roles in game design, programming, visuals and sound design