Build a Robot VR

Collaborative Project

Build A Robot VR is a sandbox game for virtual reality in which you explore the world and build your own personal robot. You – the player – switches into the role of a young boy, who is living in the 80’s, building a machine with nothing, but his imagination. Create your own robot with typical elements of the 80’s, such as a Walkman, a Mixer and other objects. See what happens, while you explore the room and find objects, which you can attach to the robot. Weld objects onto the robot or break them, while keeping track of the space that is left on the robot’s surface. But be careful while you are building, the robot’s powerful atomic core will rise in temperature and you may end up with an exploding ball of death.


Go back to your childhood and use everyday items to build the robot you always dreamed of.

Production year: 2017

Platform: PC, HTC Vive/Oculus

Genre: 1stPerson Sandbox


M. Abeln (Programming, Sound)

C. Hess (Design)

C. Schneidereit (Art)

H. Schulz (Art)