Discover the secrets of a lost world either alone or with a friend (one player on the mouse another on the keyboard) in this short experimental adventure using a dual control system that separates the player and the character. Just as you’d choose dialogue options in a text adventure, you can perform actions to make your choice in this visual adventure, using a full body control system – that lets you manipulate the arms, legs, head and eyes of your character.

DUAT works as a Reverse Metroidvania. Since all abilities are already unlocked, the real challenge comes from figuring out what to do and in what combination as well as what choice each action could reflect, given the situation. There is: No Text. No Tutorial. No Dialogue. No UI. Your goal? To find purpose and order in this world of chaos and discover how far you can go before you eventually give up.

“Stranded on an alien planet and far from home, how will you choose to spend the last few moments of your life. Will you forsake your humanity to find the truth or keep it and be driven to insanity?”

Fritz David Thiel – Art
Ahmed Belal – Art
Mohammad Sadegh Hoviyattalab Boroomand – Programming
Salma Mouselhy – Programming
Theodore Menezes – Design & Lead

Gameplay Trailer