In Equinox, the player controls a nameless avatar, merely a vessel to project themselves onto, and walk through a level to pick up three tarot cards, representing the tarot spread of past, present and future. They get to pick their own interpretation via voice recognition with whatever resonates with them, walking through the level until they have found all of these cards. Afterward, you bring your choice before the guardian of the level, being asked to give up some of your cards, getting a different resolution depending on their choice. The game uses the major arcana, a concept that is inherently about change, the journey of a person who starts out as a fool and through self-reflection ends up completing their journey. The game is supposed to be an exhibition piece and experience, a piece of art that gets the player thinking and evokes emotion. And apart from this narrative layer, just enjoy the gameplay experience: use a bow to tackle intense action sequences, master platforming sections, and explore a unique and interesting environment.


Equinox is a Single-Player experience in which the player is invited to explore themselves as they are walking the level and search  the environment for three tarot cards.

Isaac Baltsch
Tristan Herpich
Ioana Sandu
Angelo Wedel
Nina Rösner

Gameplay Trailer