Collaborative Project (lucid game)

Humankind has always excluded and despised the different. Locking them away, banishing them from society – there has never been a space for Freakz. Special people with special abilities, different from the rest. Excluded from society, Freakz have developed their own home, a beautiful space of their own called: Circus Freakz. Using their difference to their advantage, Freakz have claimed the entertainment world, battling in arenas in front of an audience.


FreakZ is a 1v1-player fighting game, in which the player can choose different characters – “Freakz” – to fight with. Each freak offers a different move set and unique ultimate move -“Mutation” – to underline their unique character and deliver a fun and diverse gameplay.

Production Year: 2019/2020

Platform: PC/Windows

Genre: 2D Local Fighting Game

Carolin Vogel (Character Art, Animation)
Eric Daniels (Programming, Project Lead)
Ronja Wolf (Environment Art, UI, Animation)
Shady Zahran (Programming)
Xi Cao – Lead Designer, Sound Design)