“In the near future, where holodecs and holograms grant us never seen before presentation techniques, we fall back to the basics. We play boardgames against each others, but now they´re floating in glass pyramid devices! And Angerfist punches his hard baselines while there is a lightshow that blows your mind away!? And is this a flamethrower shooting over my head, just because I lost the match!?! Blessed mother, get me outta here, damn it!”

Remember the monster-brawl hologram game from StarWars Episode IV, Han Solo and Luke are playing against each other? No? But there are enough other projection scenes in this old great movie. Well, we have a projection also.

Gabors Gambit is a fast paced strategy game, based on thinking patterns of the oldest game in the world: chess. Deploy units on a floating board to strike your opponent by destroying the enemy base building. 9 different unit types, formed by three base units you can transform with each other to new and advanced fighters, allow the player to surprise the enemy with different tactics and unexprected turns. Dive into some thrilling, fast rounds of explosions, battling units and a neonlight overblast! Action is coming, I promise!

For any questions about the usage of the device, have a look on our spaces-blog (https://spaces.colognegamelab.de/gaborsgambit/) or text me directly via fritz.thiel@arcor.de.

Dustin Terry – Technical Design
Jan Wichmann – Programming
Tabea Hercsuth – CA & Sounddesign
Fritz Thiel – CA & 3D & Designwork

Gameplay Trailer