Glowing Deers

Collaborative Project

Glowing Deers offers a unique Virtual Reality gaming experience. Shrinked to the size of a thumb, the players explore a photorealistic environment and get to know nature from another perspective. They interact with small animals, discover caves in tree stumps or sea anemones in coral reefs. The players learn about the different mechanisms of the tiny worlds that are usually hidden from our eyes. Doing that they solve small puzzles, but cause remarkable things. For the development it is an additional matter for us to show the players how incredible the uniqueness of nature can be and we want to grab attention on how important its retention is. The over fishing of the seas, the clearing of the forests and the consequences of climate change are just a few topics which have a meaning in Glowing Deers.

Tagline: Explore nature from a new perspective and discover the tiny worlds that are usually hidden from our eyes in Virtual Reality.

Platform: PC – HTC Vive

Genre: Exploration


Rick Hoppmann (Game Arts)

Lukas Esch (Game Arts)

Patrick Temborius (Game Programming)

Niklas Tomkowitz (Game Design)