Heart of the Forest (2015)

First Year Intermediate Project

Our idea is to create an emerging and mystical world that is challenging but beautiful. We aim for an authentic environment that everyone could relate to and combine it with a little magic. In Heart of the Forest the player controls the spirit of a little girl called Ina. She died by slipping of a waterfall while playing in the forest. Her only wish is to see her family for a last time. She receives a chance to say farewell to her beloved ones from the forest guardian who observed the tragedy. He grants her the ability to meld with the forest animals and elements, to pass the challenges on her way. The conflict that rises is that the animals will die after she leaves their bodies. The player’s task is to fight evil spirits and solve puzzles by using the powers of the indivudual animals or elements the character posseses. He is confronted with different surroundings that need special powers to able to becomplete them.

Platform  Windows/Mac OS  

Genre  Action Adventure  

Tagline  Heart of the Forest is a 2D-Platformer about a little girl being confronted with the decision of life and death.  

Team  Lifesparks: Conrad Hess: Project Lead and Design; Conny-Lorain Conz: Storytelling and Design; Holger Schulz: Background Art and Assets;  Neysha Castritius: Character Art and Animation; Moritz Abeln: Programming and Sound-Design