Heavenly Fort

Collaborative Project

The heavenly fort is the most impressive airplane of its time. Developed by professor Julie Cunningham it starts its very first flight ever with you on board. After a short meal in the plane’s very own restaurant you visit the bathroom. However, all of a sudden all the voices of the other passengers from outside vanish. What is going on?

Heavenly Fort is a first person exploration game with a focus on comic style elements. Those elements are related to the appearance of the game, which is strongly influenced by art deco style and the time around 1950/1960. The player is able to explore the internal area of the aircraft “Heavenly Fort” and collect items for further usage. The story is delivered by readable notes or dialogue boxes in comic style. Sound effects in the world are similar as they appear in comics.

Platform  PC  

Genre  1st Person Adventure  

Tagline  A first person adventure game set on the most impressive airplane the 1950′s have ever seen.  

Team  Marcus Horn: Game Design; Laura Bamberger: Game Art; Moritz Abeln: Programming; Holger Schulz: Game Arts