@home between balconies

Collaborative Project

You just started university and moved into your first own flat. One morning you turn on the radio: “Corona-Crisis in town has gotten worse. We are facing a lockdown to protect healthcare systems”. Now trapped in the apartment you step out on the balcony to get some fresh air. Looking around you realize the neighbours did the same. Besides a brief “Hello” on the staircase, you never talked to them before. Now seems to be the perfect opportunity to get to know them, maybe even more than you would like to…


“@Home-Between Balconies” thematizes different social and psychological implications through conflict solving and crisis management, introducing diverse characters and a multi linear narrative.

Platform: PC

Genre: Point & Click Adventure

Sara Kindschus (Programmer, Sound Designer)
Ethem Kurt (Programmer, Game Designer, Technical Director)
Vanessa Ptak (2D Artist, Character Designer, Producer)
Leonard Liebler (Game Designer, Narrative Designer, Director)
Ronja Wolf (2D Artist, Environment Designer, Producer)