In twitch no one can hear you left left left

Collaborative Project

„In Twitch no one can hear you left left left“ is a first person exploration adventure game set in space. The special thing about it is that it is collectively played by a chat. The chat decides for the next action by voting. The game is being streamed on twitch with no one actually playing it, in front of the streaming PC. It will listen to the IRC chat and filter out all commands in order to declare the next move the „player“ will take. The goal of the game is to escape the space hulk with the help of the ships AI.

Tagline  A Multi-Singleplayer Textadventure hybrid in Space!  

Platform  PC – Twitch  

Genre  Experimental Game  

Team  Mortiz Abeln: Game Programmer | Arthur Eckmann: Game Designer | Marcus Horn: Game Designer | Holger Schulz: Game Artist