Collaborative Project

InTentz is a social deduction mobile game for 4-8 players played locally. The game blends a digital interface which is unbiased towards rules with a need for attention towards social cues and body language in a physical space. Players assume the roles of high schoolers who spend a week playing hooky in the woods, but little do they know that this simple innocuous getaway will turn sour once an curse begins to spread through the group… Among these highschool archetypes is a hidden traitor, a twisted soul who calls the Necromancer’s Manual their own – their goal is to secretly curse half of the group, while the others must find out who the Traitor is by using their character-specific roles and perform a ritual that will be deadly to a mere mortal.

Tagline  “I know where you slept last night”  

Platform  Mobile (Android)   

Genre  Social Deduction Mobile game   


Adelina Popa

Anna-Lena Richter

Bogdan Borovlov

Diana Alves

Evelina Bieliakait

Patrícia Cotrim