Jessika – Underneath the system (2018)

Impact Games

As a hacker the player is tasked by an anonymous customer to infiltrate the computer of Jessika and perform a background check. By utilizing a search engine the player has to navigate a server structure and find files containing Jessika’s biography. (S)he will find different types of media, like notes, pictures, audio and video files dealing with Jessika, who is depicted by a real actress. Those need to be scanned for hints that might lead to new files, uncover hidden folders or grant access to protected sections of the computer. By playing thegame, the player should gain knowledge about the possible causes for radicalisation.

Tagline Project Jessika is a narrative game, focusing on a fictional character that undergoes a right wing radicalization.

Platform PC / MAC

Genre Interactive Found Footage Novella


Seren Besorak – 2D Art

Pierre Schlömp – Game Design and Narrative

Sarah Abouzari – Programming