Local Paper Small Town

Collaborative Project

How does a local paper really reflect a town and its residents? In which ways does old media feel more real than modern technology? In mixing both a newspaper and a virtual model of a town, we hope to explore the commonalities and differences in how both manifestations reflect the space and its inhabitants.

Tagline: Local Paper Small Town is a 2-player co-op puzzle game about spreading happiness around a quirky papercraft town. Team up with a friend, using a physical newspaper and VR, to discover Smalltown and its charming cast of characters by communicating and relating between both formats.

Genre: Co-op puzzle

Platform: VR + newspaper

Thiag Moranogame (Programmer, Team Lead)
Chad Comeau und Lena Igumnova (Designers)
Anastasia Tataurova und Trixia Quinzon (Game Artists)