Magnet-O-Bro (2013)

Collaborative project with KISD

Magnet-O-Bro is a 2.5D platformer featuring racing game elements and fast-paced gameplay. Players control small, spherical robots (In single player mode only one, of course) and try to climb a giant, humanoid robot. Their target is to reach the control-unit in the head of the robot to regain access. The gameplay is fast paced with deviant, crude humor and a strong focus on split-screen multiplayer action. The players can choose to help each other or fight each other within the game. The game started out as a collaborative project between CGL and students from the Köln International School of Design (KISD). After graduation the students founded the game studio Room 247 which was named in honor of  their original project room at CGL. The studio received funding for the further development of the game by the Film and Media Board NRW. The project is currently under development.

Platform  Mobile/PC  

Genre  2D-platformer  

Tagline  Uh,oh- Earth…looks like you´re screwed! The two coolest robots of the galaxy are up for some  electro-magnetic fun.  

Team  Guido Göbbels, Volker Zerbe, Pablo Lopez.