Magnum Opus is a game in which the player explores the different elements that make up abstract painting, created by a well-known artist, as well as creating a link between art and music. The player controls the game by pressing a specific button which will cause a layer featuring one type of element of the painting, e.g. circles, to appear along with text describing its effects, and a melody starts playing. Then the player can press a different button which will cause the old layer, along with its melody, to disappear and a new layer appears, featuring a new element and a melody. Once the player has experienced all the layers and melodies, the final layer is displayed, showing the complete painting with all the elements, and all the melodies play together, creating a new tune. 

Our goals are to educate the player on why certain elements might be chosen for abstract painting and their effects and to make the player feel something when viewing specific parts of the abstract painting.

Experimental Art

Tobias Terrero
JiHoon Kim

Gameplay Trailer